Not all call pickup service providers are the same

A call pickup service is one way that an established or emerging real estate agent can generate viable sales leads. As the real estate industry continues to recover, the country pulls away from the subprime mortgage crisis and agents find themselves my4walls  with more properties to sell, the need for a method to handle large volumes of property inquiries and capture potential clients. it becomes paramount.
A call capture service provides real estate agents with a toll-free phone number that can be displayed on all posters and promotional materials, and that allows potential clients to call with a property inquiry at any time of the day or time. evening. Additionally, these systems can legally capture and record phone number data to call back at a later time.
While there are many call pickup service providers in business now, not all services are created equal, and an agent would do well to know what to expect when choosing a provider – what to provide and what to look for. Most real estate capture providers will provide multiple extensions with their call capture service, all tied to the same basic toll-free number. These additional extensions are often included as part of the price of the call pickup service, and many include hundreds of extensions for agent use. It is important that these extensions are “mirrored” or copied. That way, everything you put in one extension will automatically be copied to a set of others. Having these duplicate extensions in place allows an agent to know which properties are generating calls, when and where their highest quality leads are coming from by using a different duplicate extension for each ad. This feature of a real estate lead capture system allows you to track advertising, better place your ads, and save money on advertising.
Call pickup services must also perform the basic function of capturing caller information, and an agent must ensure that the method employed by the company produces results. Caller ID “standard” will not pick up calls coming from a private or blocked line. To be successful, a real estate lead capture system must use a toll-free number and therefore what is known as automatic number identification (ANI). This system will capture any caller ID, whether it is blocked or not. This feature of a toll-free call pickup service is allowed under a resolution issued by the FCC that states that if a company is going to pay for the call, such as a toll-free number, they have the right to know who. is calling them. Any call pickup service that does not include a reliable number identification method should be avoided.