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Last Updated: July 09, 2011
Designer: Robert Chin Price: FREE
iPhone: Yes
iPad: Yes
iPod: Yes
Category: iPhone other day I become needing to realize what the capital of Chile changed into, so I downloaded the Wikipedia iPhone app and observed that it turned into painfully gradual and randomly crashed on me. I put wiki into the iTunes search engine and got here up with a whole host of 0.33 celebration Wikipedia  download iso windows xp iPhone apps that every one claimed to be higher than the real deal. I determined to offer Wikipanion a try to I’ve got to say I am greater than inspired. Out of all of the Wikipedia iPhone apps I consider it has the most functions and extra importantly the quickest smoothest interface of all of the wiki iPhone apps accessible. Some of the features that I mainly appreciated had been:

Quick and Easy Searching: Wikipanion makes looking clean for 3 reasons. First of all it has the auto complete, so most of the time all you want to do is kind within the first few letters of what you are seeking out and it’s going to pop right up. Secondly, while it presentations the hunt consequences, it offers you a preview of the access to make it smooth to quickly decide in case you’ve found what you are searching out. Finally, if it would not find something you’re seeking out, it’ll placed your query inquiry into Google to start assisting you locate what you are seeking out.

Quick and Easy Dictionary: This characteristic alone makes Wikipanion stand above the relaxation of the iPhone apps: The dictionary takes vicinity in a separate window so that you can look up a time period while not having to depart the item that you’re reading! The Wikipanion dictionary is also the handiest dictionary that I even have with a view to pronounce no longer only the phrase, however the definition and more! Also has a thesaurus that is handy enough that I find myself popping it up once I’m looking for the proper phrase in an electronic mail.

Multilingual and Translator: Wikipedia is to be had in over 50 one-of-a-kind languages and Wikipanion? Well, 15. But it is multilingual and translating skills are pretty spot on and I’m easily capable of study Spanish translated pages without any hassle. My handiest gripe approximately this selection is that from time to time special characters do not show proper – that is slated to be fixed quickly.

Print Reformatting: Wikipanion re codecs every of the Wikipedia pages in order that its a lot less difficult at the eyes and simpler to see at the cellphone. The print will become large and it allows for easy scrolling so that you can without difficulty get around the article you’re analyzing. The print reformatting is in particular satisfactory because one of the primary troubles I had with Wikipedia’s very own app is that the text turned into sometimes difficult to see. Other iPhone apps have a zoom function that I’ve located stressful at pleasant.

Keeps a history in case you need it too: Wikipanion continues song of wherein you have been and helps you to easily cross lower back, keeping as much as the ultimate a hundred visited entries for future reference. For privacy, the iPhone app makes it smooth to clean your cache at the click of the button. The Wikipanion iPhone app additionally have the choice to lessen or flip off monitoring absolutely.

Bookmarking made smooth: The Wikipanion iPhone app has one of the easiest bookmarking systems of any of the wiki apps. Two clicks and the bookmark is about so that you can without difficulty do not forget that article you want to show “Know it All Bob” at the water cooler that a zebra’s tongue is indeed black! Speaking of proving “Bob” incorrect considered one of my favourite capabilities is…

Prove it: The feature for when you just have to prove which you’re right! Wikipanion includes a brief mail link that lets in you to speedy e mail something with two button pushes. The multi-tasking capability that become simply brought additionally allows you to quickly stop something you’re doing and whip out an article. Take that Bob!